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Digital info display for companies

Digital signage for companies

Digital Signage Solutions for Business from IAdea Germany

Your team is up to date: with's digital signage solutions for internal company communication.

Conveniently display your information throughout the corporate office to easily communicate team goals, important announcements and achievements. Digital signage is an effective solution for corporate offices of all sizes. From small tabletop displays to digital space planning displays to exquisite LFDs,'s digital signage solutions are the answer to all corporate communication needs.

Encourage and excite your team by showcasing awards and exciting announcements in minutes, as well as displaying schedules and company goals on dynamic, employee-focused digital displays.

Land use planning

XDS 1078 10 inch multi-touch signboard with LED bars

Plan the use of your conference rooms effectively and clearly: with the digital signage solution from Display schedules for current and upcoming conferences in each conference room. Lateral LED light bars on the screens are equipped with colour changers to quickly give the user a visual cue. Content is easily managed and can be updated remotely at any time.


Employee announcements made easy

Digital signage solutions for businesses from IAdea Germany - Signboards

Keeping your team up to date has never been easier. With a solution from you can constantly update your company's important announcements and achievements on your digital information board. The digital display of employee-related announcements eliminates the need to print every communication, making it an environmentally friendly way to keep your team informed.

Additional implementation options

  • Welcome messages
  • Daily events
  • Site images
  • Special events
  • Employee schedules
  • Tracking the daily targets
  • Current project status
  • Posts on social media
  • Amusing facts
  • and much more...


IAdea Germany Digital Signage for Business brings innovation and flexibility to your corporate office. The unit offers remote management and updating features, as well as easy and cost-effective installation with PoE (Power-over-Ethernet). Built to last, they have self-cooling mechanisms and offer the ability to schedule screen times remotely. The screen can be split to display multiple types of information simultaneously.

Digital Signage Player & Signboards from the market leader

3 years Digital Signage Cloud Software included*.

100,000 installations across Germany.

DS Channel Digital Signage Cloud Software: User-friendly. Cloud-based. Ready to go right out of the box.

  • 3 years cloud software included

    3 years Premium Digital Signage Software made in Germany.
  • Start immediately

    Preconfigured Profi Player modules for connection to the elegant Profi Display for instant start.
  • Qualified support

    Qualified consulting and support. Ongoing technical customer support via a ticket system.
  • Comprehensive service

    Advanced Replacement Service.
  • First test, then buy

    Personal webinar & trial account available before purchase.
  • Multitenant

    Optional multi-tenant Cloud CMS solutions available for resellers.
  • Safe is safe

    Digital Signage Cloud CMS hosted in ISO27001 certified data center in Germany.

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