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Digital menu boards: Digital signage in gastronomy

Digital menu boards are a modern alternative to the classic menu. They are dynamic, informative and ideally lead to higher sales.

The eye eats with you - The advantages of a digital menu

Digital menu boards are the perfect choice for visualizing information. In contrast to a large video wall, which is primarily used for entertainment, digital menu boards usually focus on the selection of food and drinks. In this regard, digital menu boards offer several advantages.


Like all digital info displays, digital menu boards always work with up-to-date data. With the digital signage solution from "Digital Signage", you can easily display special offers and make menu changes remotely at any time. Prices need to be changed? No problem. Want to remove the item completely? No problem. That is possible at any time. If you have different menus depending on the time of day, they can be changed manually or set automatically by time control. If certain dishes are sold out, the digital menu board takes this into account. Even daily updated menus or special promotions can be reliably displayed with the help of modern cloud-based digital signage solutions.

Cost savings

Of course, at first glance, the costs for an innovative digital signage player and the associated digital signage software are significantly higher than would be the case with a printed menu. Nevertheless, digital menu boards convince with immense cost savings in the long run. After all, they reduce processing times and at the same time eliminate printing and shipping costs.

Increased sales

It has long been no secret how well digital signage works at the point of sale. But in addition to digital shop window displays or outdoor steles, digital menu boards are also becoming increasingly popular. Because just like a classic customer stopper or a digital bulletin board in companies or public authorities, digital menus with special offers and clever product placements immediately attract the attention of your clientele. Ideally, this results in a direct increase in your sales.

Simplified labeling

Food labeling laws play a key role in the day-to-day operations of restaurants or snack bars. Specialized software helps you record this information quickly and easily. In addition, digital menu boards make it much easier to view the relevant nutritional information.

Reduce waiting time

Although you can't directly shorten the waiting time of your guests, you can make it not seem so long to your customers - with the help of a digital menu board. Ideally, this should immediately catch the attention of those waiting. The reason for this is that people react strongly to visual stimuli. This, in turn, makes your customers feel like they spend less time waiting. It is not without reason that digital signage displays are also used in the form of waiting room TVs in many medical practices.

All information - at a glance

Customers and employees can also access additional information immediately via the digital menu board:

  • Current news in real time
  • Posts in social media
  • Operating hours
  • Current time and local weather
  • Advertisements
  • Fun facts about your restaurant
  • News from the restaurant community

Digital Menu Boards: Digital advertising boards in the restaurant and at the drive-in counter

Digital menu boards are unbeatable when it comes to presenting the complete menu to guests at a glance.

Keep your drive-in menu board up to date with the digital signage solution from Among other things, you can flexibly manage the display remotely with the click of a button. If you have different menus depending on the time of day, these can be changed manually or also set automatically via time control. Digital menu boards can also be set up or mounted in strategically favorable locations. Here they present appetizing menus, special promotions or various menu options.

By the way: Modern digital signage solutions also convince employees. A digital bulletin board helps keep them up to date in hectic everyday life. In larger restaurants, digital door signs can even be used to book rooms. This saves a lot of time during operation, which the staff can use for other tasks.


More sales, more satisfied customers - through digital menu boards

While digital customer stoppers invite passers-by to enter the restaurant, digital menu boards focus on the food on offer. However, electronic menu boards not only contain important information. You can use them to implement targeted marketing measures and stimulate sales. The focus can be on offers, but also on more details about the dishes or drinks.

In addition, digital menu boards make it easier to present time-limited promotions or menu sequences. The basis for this is intelligent time control. It can be used, for example, to display breakfast specials, the lunch menu, or the evening menu at set times on the menu board. This targeted presentation of content makes it easier for guests to make their choice and ensures additional customer satisfaction.


Digital menus and infoboards - exclusively from the market leader

The bottom line: Digital menu boards are definitely an asset for the catering industry. In order to benefit from this innovative solution for a long time, you should contact an experienced digital signage agency. Would you like to find out more about digital menu boards or equip your business with them? Then contact us today!


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