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Digital signage software

To take full advantage of the tremendous potential of digital signage, you need powerful digital signage software. You can use this to create various content and transfer it to the end devices.

IAdea Germany is the market leader for digital signage - digital signage cloud software

What is digital signage?

Digital signage, better known as digital signage, has revolutionized the provision of information in recent years: the practical screens are used almost everywhere to transmit important or interesting content. The term refers to the use of digital media to transmit information or for advertising purposes. Classic application examples of modern digital signage software include:


How digital signage works

Whether it's a large video wall, a small information point or a robust outdoor stele: Digital signage displays come in a wide variety of forms and differ drastically in terms of their range of functions and possible fields of application. However, the principle is always the same: Images, videos, animations and other digital content are first provided by suitable digital signage software. The data is then transmitted - for example via Wi-Fi - to a digital signage player. Extensive information can be displayed in practical categories and submenus without the main view appearing overloaded. If the screen has a touch function, the input can be made directly on the screen.

Thanks to the high flexibility of innovative digital signage software, the output of different media formats is possible: images, videos, presentations and even audio files can be played, depending on the end device. If desired, a varied sequence of content can be created with the digital signage software. But static displays, for example for a digital menu board in the catering trade, are also conceivable.


The most important terms - simply explained

  • Digital Signage: Systems for displaying media on digital end devices in order to provide information or convey advertising messages
  • Digital signage software is the software that delivers digital content and transmits it to the digital signage player.
  • Cloud-based digital signage software: Digital signage software provided by a service provider that allows access from anywhere. Particularly practical and user-friendly variant of digital signage software.
  • Digital signage player: The device through which the desired content is output to the end device. May also include image and video processing required for signal splitting, for example, in video walls.

The characteristics of a good digital signage software

The digital signage software used determines the quality of the content displayed. It should be easy to use for the users, but at the same time offer extensive setting options. The use of templates has proven itself so that even non-professionals can create the content quickly and easily.

Cloud-based digital signage software has established itself as a particularly practical option. Here, a service provider such as provides the program and enables location-independent access. Once the content has been prepared, it can be output to all available devices. A cloud-based digital signage software offers a high flexibility and scalability, as additional displays can be added without any problems. There are no restrictions on the type of end devices or output formats.

However, high-quality digital signage software cannot only manage different end devices: User management must also be easy and secure to handle. Regular updates, network adjustments, maintenance (remote or direct) are also important factors that the program must manage with ease. Together with the installation and setup effort, which should of course be as low as possible.

Depending on the intended use, there may be additional requirements for digital signage software: For a waiting room TV, the connection of a website/CMS may be necessary to realize a digital call system. For a hotel display that takes care of the check-in of your guests, interactive devices are needed again.


Digital Signage: The software solution from the market leader

As a leading digital signage agency, we know what matters when it comes to providing appropriate software solutions. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us advise you. Free of charge and without obligation, of course. - Your advantages

  • 3 years no ongoing software costs
  • 3 year cloud connection for smart players & signboards included
  • German data center
  • License renewal per player/year optionally bookable
  • Qualified technical support - support contracts on request
  • Project consulting by experts
  • Support for interactive kiosk applications
  • Enterprise Digital Signage Software & Services on request
  • Complete setup of players & users optionally bookable

The features of the platform at a glance



The digital signage cloud software is operated on German servers and is therefore DSGVO compliant.


Software and hardware adapt to the requirements of your project.


Player, playlist, media and user management in one tool.


Play existing videos, images or web pages directly to your displays via the CMS.


Customized templates give you the opportunity to communicate exactly what you need.


Summarize editorial content as a channel for your customers.


Control content interactively and generate leads or noticeably increase product sales.


Differentiated playback of content. Linear, time-controlled or location-dependent.


Statistical analysis of the played content to optimize the customer approach.

This is how it works

MANAGE - Inhalte bereitstellen, Player verwalten
MANAGE - Inhalte bereitstellen, Player verwalten
DELIVER - DS Management System
DELIVER - DS Management System
PLAYOUT & REPORT - Retail Standorte
PLAYOUT & REPORT - Retail Standorte

Digital Signage complete solution from the market leader

3 years Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS software included* 3 year warranty. Free Consulting webinar.

* = From the 4th year Euro 48 / year / player

125,000 installations across Germany.


DS Channel Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS-Software: User-friendly. Cloud-based. Ready to go right out of the box.

  • 3 years cloud cms-software included

    3 years Premium Digital Signage Cloud CMS-Software made in Germany. From the 4th year Euro 48 / year / player.
  • 24/7 continuous operation

    All our products are certified for demanding round-the-clock continuous operation. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without compromise.
  • 3 years warranty

    Investment security through premium digital signage players & signboards with 3-year warranty.
  • Detailed advice

    Free webinar to help you implement a digital signage solution that's right for you.
  • Everything from one source

    Consulting, conception, installation, setup, content design, content management & technical support.
  • Safe is safe

    Digital Signage Cloud CMS hosted in ISO27001 certified data center in Germany.

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Take advantage of our many years of experience
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Free of charge and without obligation, of course.


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