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What is digital signage?

What is digital signage?

Digital signage solutions from IAdea Germany

Digital signage strictly translated means "digital signage".

Information from a wide variety of sources is digitised and prepared for audio and/or visual reproduction in order to be passed on later to the recipient or defined target groups via appropriately designed technical devices.
The resulting content can be accessed by the user at any time by means of a corresponding programme or system. Interactive applications are also possible, in which interaction between a user and a digital signage screen takes place through gesture recognition/control.

In the meantime, digital signage is used in public places, universities, in tourism, at railway stations or airports as well as in companies or institutions to provide information or as an internal communication possibility. But also as an advertising medium, this modern medium replaces, for example, posters or a menu as a transport possibility for self-marketing of any kind.

The forms of presentation range from electronic displays, such as arrival or departure times, to small sales counter displays and large-scale media presentations composed of many small monitors that can also be controlled individually.

The advantages of digital signage solutions are obvious

  • Cost savings

  • interactive, dynamic and visual content

  • direct communication

  • Promotes the sale

  • optimises processes in companies and institutions


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